Bylines & Deadlines


Книга "Bylines & Deadlines"

Авторы: Kimberly Vinje

Издатель: Ingram

ISBN: 9781926918495

Young and impetuous, Kristine Larkin sets out to fulfill her dreams of becoming an award winning journalist – never mind the consequences. With the help of an unexpected source, she uncovers the story of a lifetime. She charges full-steam ahead certain this byline will bring her the fame, fortune, respect and adoration for which she longs. More concerned with one-upping her rivals than the consequences of her actions, Kristine gets her byline but loses everything in the process – even who she is. Starting over as someone new won’t be easy… especially when her old life comes back to haunt her. Hold on for a wild ride full of adventure as she uses her intelligence and strength to live again, and maybe even love! About the Author: Kimberly Vinje graduated from Northern Kentucky University earning a BA in Journalism and a minor in Writing. While in college, she worked at The Cincinnati Enquirer as a copy clerk and Sports stringer. She left to finish her degree at NKU where she was a writer and copy editor for The Northerner. She was recognized by the Kentucky Collegiate Press Association for an editorial she had written criticizing the naming of an alleged rape survivor by local media. Today, she works for one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies and enjoys writing as a hobby. Bylines & Deadlines is her first book. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her dog Cody. Her website is:




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