Fleeing Vesuvius


Книга "Fleeing Vesuvius"

Авторы: Gillian Fallon

Издатель: Ingram

ISBN: 9781550924763

Richard Douthwaite is an economist, journalist and author of several books including The Growth Illusion, Short Circuit and The Ecology of Money. He co- founded The Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability in Feasta in 1998. The word feasta (pronounced fasta) means “in the future” and is taken from an old Irish poem. Feasta sees itself as a collective thinking process about that future.The financial crisis that has blighted the world's richest countries since 2008 marks a turning point in human history. Many of the contributors to this book believe that the period in which incomes could be expected to rise year after year has come to an end and that we now have to learn to live with economies that shrink rather than grow. Feasta’s focus is on examining alternatives to this growth compulsion. Contributors are from Feasta’s international network of experts including Nate Hagens, Tom Konrad, Kenneth Moulder, Dmitry Orlov and Dan Sullivan from the United States. The book will released in the UK this November and will receive attention in the American market through extensive on-line peak oil networks. This is the North American edition which has been Americanized. Topics include: energy availability, business innovations and transportation




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