Mirror, Mirror at 1600 D.C.


Книга "Mirror, Mirror at 1600 D.C."

Авторы: Edward Galluzzi

Издатель: Ingram

ISBN: 9781926918280

Under any circumstances, the role of the President of the United States is arduous and replete with challenges. The enduring patriarchy of presidents had ended with first woman elected to this high office in America. This pioneering leader is delighting her supporters and readily converting her critics when she is kidnapped suddenly. But by whom? And for what reason? The unfolding plot is a matter of survival…not only for personal survival, but also hanging in the balance is the endurance of the Presidency and the privilege of democracy in America. It will take a very special agent to expose the sinister plot. But whatever the costs, the President must be recovered…dead or alive. About the Author: In addition to Mirror, Mirror at 1600 D.C., Edward Galluzzi has also authored the following works which are published by CCB Publishing: Beginnings, Side Stepping the Rules, and Twelve Upon A Time.




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