Eat Your Words


Книга "Eat Your Words"

Авторы: Paul Convery

Издатель: Ingram

ISBN: 9781642501353

The Comprehensive Etymology of Eating Eat Your Words  is a gloriously gluttonous glossary of all things grub and gastronomy:  It’s a true treat for anyone who loves language as much as they love food. With witty and fun definitions of everything from aeroponics to zoosaprophagy, this compilation offers definitions of 6,000 unusual and unfamiliar terms across twenty-one fact-packed courses. For bon viveurs and verbivores alike:  Are you a gourmet who knows the difference between Maldon and Morton salt? Maybe you’re an expert on the properties of heat in cooking. Or you’re a cocktail connoisseur with a taste for tequila.  Eat Your Words  is a surprising treat for anyone who loves learning about food and cooking. If you’re looking for cooking gifts for a friend who devoured  Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat , this culinary dictionary is the perfect fit. A delight for word nerds:  For Scrabble stars and anyone who excels at Words with Friends,  Eat Your Words  is a clever guide to little-known culinary terms that will give you that special edge. In  Eat Your Words: The Definitive Dictionary for Discerning Diners , you’ll find terms about: A cornucopia of culinary treats from around the worldThe cultivation, selling, and serving of every food you can imagineThe appetites of diners and their dinners across all species This new dictionary  from the author of  Drinktionary: The Definitive Dictionary for the Discerning Drinker  and  Inkhorn's Erotonomicon: An Advanced Sexual Vocabulary for Verbivores and Vulgarians  is the fun reference book you didn’t know you wanted. Fans of  Tequila Mockingbird  and  On Food and Cooking  will enjoy this fascinating journey into the language of food and eating.




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