Книга "Noxious"

Авторы: Pimenta Cítrica

Издатель: Bookwire

ISBN: 9783956953156

In the blur of hazy nights and hedonistic parties, a boy and a girl have a gripping relationship – one of self-abandonment, control, and neglect. As he wants to take more of her, she plunges into the abyss of suffering, unable to say no yet finding inexplicable pleasure in his free-spirited nature and beautiful body. As the story progresses, and she submits more and more to his desires, her body starts protesting with the signs of an unknown disease. But telling him to stop doesn't work and they continue the vicious cycle of self-inflicted pain. Pimenta Citrica masterfully describes the emotional journey of her characters while maintaining immense sexual tension throughout the story. This is a tale of pain and pleasure that despite the story's fictional nature makes you believe all of it was real.




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