Skin in the Game


Книга "Skin in the Game"

Авторы: Jim Gilreath

Издатель: Ingram

ISBN: 9781613398524

Learn the secrets of middle market private equity hiring practices. This book is a definitive resource to learn the tricks of the trade, potential pitfalls in the hiring process and how to conduct an effective C-Suite job search. Powerful insight about middle market private equity hiring coupled with the author’s unique due diligence screening process makes Skin in the Game indispensable. In this book, you’ll discover: Examples of hires who earned millions because they believed in Warren Buffet quote “We eat our own cooking”The difference between a stakeholder and a hired hand The power of the Prefect Bio and Crafting Your Elevator PitchHow to find private equity investors that fit your profileSecrets of hiring effective C-level employees How to discern a good offer with examples and bonus materials Combining Jim’s careful, exhaustive search discipline with expert psychological assessment technology, we were able to hire ‘by design’ rather than by chemistry’. ~David Pellegrini, Ph.D., The Global Consulting Partnership Skin in the Game’s strength lies in the defined process to assure a good match between the private equity company’s desires, the portfolio company’s needs and the candidate. Unique and thorough! ~Paul J. Guth, President & CEO,Roscoe Medical, Inc. At the end of the day, both the candidate and company will have all the information necessary to make an informed decision. Never experienced a more comprehensive and thorough process. ~Timothy L. Friedel, President & CEO, Stone Panels, Inc.




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