Soul Seduction, Book 2 of The Third Wish Duology


Книга "Soul Seduction, Book 2 of The Third Wish Duology"

Авторы: Dawn Addonizio

Издатель: Ingram

ISBN: 9780988999213

What would you do if you met a sexy djinn who offered you three wishes? Before you get too excited, you’d better read the fine print—because after he grants your third wish, he gets to claim your soul. Forever. Sydney Corrigan has just made the second biggest mistake of her life—she’s agreed to join the evil Unseelie Court on the Hell Ride. If she’s lucky, the trail of clues will lead to the final piece of the puzzle that could save her soul…if she can survive the night. As she fights to overturn an ancient death djinn covenant and keep her mortality, Sydney will be forced to decide what’s more important to her—love or freedom. Picking up where Book 1, A RISKY PROPOSITION, left off, SOUL SEDUCTION is the exciting and sensual conclusion of Sydney’s adventures in the Faerie Realm. *SOUL SEDUCTION is a full length adult fantasy romance novel.




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