Transforming the Moment


Книга "Transforming the Moment"

Авторы: Margrit Dahm

Издатель: Ingram

ISBN: 9781910265291

Transforming the Moment is a brand new selection of poems, prayers and meditations by Margrit Dahm. Using her own experiences, combining the teachings of Jesus Christ and her own interpretations of faith, the London-based German author has written a collection of pieces designed to ease the mind and soothe the spirit. A German-born author based in London, Margrit Dahm has been writing poetry since her time at the University of London studying German literature. First writing in her native tongue, her work caught the attention of German publisher Karin Fischer Verlag with whom she has published two books – Die verlorene Stunde (2012), a poetry compilation, and herbstzeitlose: Ein Begleiter für das Jahr (2016). However, she soon began to write in English. Transforming the Moment (2016) is Margrit’s first book published in English, although the poems themselves were not always written that way. Of her latest book, Margrit says: “Transforming the Moment was written both in English and German, as the poems came to me sometimes in English and sometimes in German…As to the subject matter of the book: I can say that I have followed the path of Christian Meditation for a good many years and my daily practice inspired me to write down the collection of poems presented here as and when they came to me in the course of one year”. Published by Matthew James Publishing, Transforming the Moment is intended for everyday use. A pocket book of poetry, it is a light in the darkness, a companion on the road and a shepherd to guide you on your journey through life. Covering topics of love, loss, positivity and mindfulness, Transforming the Moment presents a wonderful, contemporary, take on faith in the modern day.




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